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Support service for Navikey users

In this section are collected frequently asked questions from users and answers to them. This section is used by support professionals to respond to users' questions is not beyond the scope of a typical situation. You are free to explore this section when faced with certain situations.

Draft letter of support service

Draft letter of support service

Thank you for contacting customer support of Navikey.
Your opinion is important to us.
Last versions of our programms
Collection of free maps

Thank you for choosing our products. We hope we could help you.
Sincerely yours, The Navikey team.

For convenience, the answers are split by kind of the program, but you can search for words or content by tags or simle words in QA. Each question / answer has tags: version of the operating system, specific conditions, please take in mind.

Application Navigation Seven Ways
Maps Converting utility
Maps Splitting utility
Geo service

Please contact us at support@navikey.ru - if you can not find the answer for your question.

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