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Vertical Speed & Glide Ratio Indicator

<p>Dear Navikey,</p>
<p>Since were provided on skin version 151, I put <b>vertSpeed</b> & <b>glideRatio</b> on the skin (url="megamaps.org/store/content/skins/Latlon_Navigasi_net.zip").</p>


<p>Thank you <b>7Ways</b> for these features.</p>

<p>Finally, I got the chance of flying and bring 7Ways in to the cabin of commercial aircraft and tested the <b>vertSpeed</b> & <b>glideRatio</b>.</p>


<p>The 7Ways was installed in my Android Cell-phone, connected to a Bluetooth GPS (<b>Garmin Glo</b>) with Bluetooth GPS Android application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=googoo.android.btgps.</p>;

<p>The signal quality of satellites can be monitored as follow:</p>


<p>This picture shows that Aircraft was running and starting to climb in the runway with indicators:</p>
<p>Glide Ratio : --- (blank).
Vertical Speed : 0.
Altitude : 17.
Time : 16:05.</p>


<p>1 minute later, the situation was changed as follow:</p>
<p>Glide Ratio : 1.5e+02.
Vertical Speed : 2 m.
Altitude : 479.
Time : 16:06.</p>


<p>In these sample pictures, in 1 minute there was 462 meter of increasing altitude.</p>

<p>Let's see another situation while the aircraft was descent for landing.</p>

<p>Glide Ratio : 2.3e+02.
Vertical Speed : 4 m.
Altitude : 10936.
Time : 07:42.</p>


<p>1 minute later, the situation was changed as follow:</p>
<p>Glide Ratio : 2.2e+02.
Vertical Speed : 4 m .
Altitude : 10311.
Time : 07:43.</p>


<p>In these sample pictures, in 1 minute there was 625 meter of altitude decrease.
The Vertical Speed & Glide Ratio value seemed confusing me. It should be a sign to differ climb or descent such Positive or Negative either. Is it normal or is there anything wrong in this skin or anything else? Is there anyone can say some suggestions?</p>



  • отредактировано March 2016
    Thank you for your message. We are glad to see professional approach with use of our application, thank you again! We will try to discover and fix the problem and give you solution as soon as possible.
    Please send us email to: suport@navikey.ru for more efficient reaction
  • Hi!
    We try to fix issues and improve this indicators.
    Please try it in your skin in new version.
    PS: Vertical speed in meters per second.
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